Word of the day Errant


I’ve always enjoyed going my own path, for the longest time I’ve done that without regard to others. My writing and painting and all the arts I’ve involved myself with did not take into account what a possible audience would enjoy, pass on or recommend. Since I’ve been married and have a family, I feel I’ve changed. My hobby us art, I’m not a professional because I’m not making money, but my hobbies are expensive and need to be paid for because the kids need to eat. I can miss a meal or three but they can’t. I’m still approaching art on my terms, but now I’m trying to play devil’s advocate and ask myself, who is this for, why would they pass it on. I’m still figuring it out, maybe we all are. I just want more wins than attempts as it distracts me from my life and trust me I’m needed in my wife and children’s lives.

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