Time off

So last week I attended Mid Atlantic Podcasting Conference #mapcon #mapcon5 in Atlantic City. This is a conference for podcasters around the country and not just from the Mid Atlantic states. It was a great time to meet new podcasters, see old friends and catch up in person vs over FB. I crave these connections and I’ll be doing another conference in Nov for the DC Podfest. Next week is the Fredericksburg Independent Writers Festival where over 100 authors and publishers get together and sell their wares. I’ve done it 2 years and am taking a break this year.

View from my hotel in Atlantic City

I’m letting you know all this because I needed to take a little time to myself to be with my family and recharge my batteries. The girls started school last month and my stepson started college. Looks like I’ll be starting a new job that will increase my commute time, and hopefully it will be a healthier environment and more welcoming to me furthering my career.

Enjoying a meeting with my partner in podcasting

I’m a father, husband, friend, artist, podcaster in that order. My priorities are not exactly where they need to me because I come in 4th, sometimes 3rd but usually 4th. I’m looking at new projects in the future, stuff that is more in line with what I’d like to do, making things simpler. I hope you come along for the journey as for me that is where the fun happens.

I’ll get back to finishing off season 3 of KDOI PODCASTING, I’ll get back to the daily word (and using it for an upcoming project) I look forward to meeting and conversing with you who read,view and listen to my work. I’m going to make a point to make conversations with you and in order to do that I need to to react by whatever means is easiest for you.

Playing with the girls makes me feel alive

I’d like to thank you for looking through, reading, subscribing and telling a friend. The last thing is most important as the knowledge I’ve gained has come from others. I view myself as a vessel that shares information and I’m going to work harder to share that information. Look for new posts here, new episodes on the podcasts and I’ll look for your interaction. Thank you.

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