Word of the day Queen


Negative connotations always come to mind when I hear this word. Usually screaming queen said by both gay and straight people in reference to someone’s diction and affected speech. It’s a comment on how someone is less than a man, whatever a man truly is. We have toxic masculinity and machismo and then vanilla and lastly we have the queen.

It is the most versatile piece on a chess board, a very manly game, but not the most powerful, that’s reserved for the king who is usually protected by the queen. So a man is defined by their queen, like a Fay man is defined by how much he can make another man more womanly. This always has intrigued me, I’m considered bicurious bear which puts me at the top of the totem pole and makes me desirable, but a queen needs to be fashioned and made subservient to their top.

It seems we are defined by how we can exert our influence over another person, how we can dominate other men and make them women, even in heterosexual relationships. I have no desire to be topped but there us intrigue on what that feels like. Maybe we all experience this wonder as to why a man would allow, bay, encourage others to be dominate over them.

It could be just me.

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