Word of the day Native


I think many people may think native Americans or indigenous people when this word comes up. My mother claimed we were if Native Amercan descent, she told us of a medicine man who named me and my brother, she stated my father was ashamed of his heritage and if we pressed him we could benefit and get priority placement for jobs, college what have you. She stated many times the holiness and superiority of Bative Americans and how they were the most noble people. She loved the Billy Jack movies and said we should be on a reservation vs living in the city.

One thing you should know, she was a paranoid schizophrenic. She loved to make up stories that as children made us feel special. She fed us a line of bullshit a mile wide. I’m French Canadian from my dad’s side, a European mutt on her side. She warned us of cults and after opening my eyes, she was trying to create her own cult in our house and had us join a Christian cult for church, we were a cult within a cult.

I’m not sure if I have any Native American blood lines, I’ve never tested myself and have no need to. Some think knowing where you are from helps you figure out where you are going. I’m of the opinion that knowing where you are helps you more in knowing where you are going. You can acknowledge the past but dwelling in it can and does stop you from going to where you need to go.

So I’m not a part of the Blackfoot Soiux tribe as far as I know. My cheek bones more resemble European vs Native American, my skin is dark because it was burned day after day and year after year of not using sunscreen when I was a kid.

I’m me, Native Americans are who they are, and we hopefully move forward. If I ever do decide to do a DNA test and find out, it will be for me a mere curiosity vs an obsession. Not knowing my past has not hindered my progress, not buying into the romantization of a race or ethnicity has done me fairly well. I can’t and don’t buy into ethnic stereotypes, we are who we are, we have the capacity to change if we prioritize it. If we choose not to then we must accept the consequences.

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