Word of the day antagonistic


I call myself the head Instigator at KDOI Podcasting, because I strongly encourage people to practice creativity by planting the seeds in their mind and providing strong encouragement.

So I start off there, but I’ve been guilty of trying to pick a fight on social media especially after the 2016 election. I sank willingly into my base nature and provoked other people with no other intent than thumbing my nose at them. What did this accomplish, vulgar verbal exchanges, blocked pages, friendships strained. All of this did not change one mind. There are some funny memes out there but there is much more that if were pointed at me then I’d be defensive as well. Good god I am a Cubs fan, I know disappointment.

I’ve been refraining from joining in the fray for awhile now. I’m trying to have one on one talks with those who are my friends and explain how I see the world and how I’d like to see in9rivement happen. I’m not convincing anyone to change their views but I also have lower blood pressure and am concerned with how my children are getting along in the world. I will have to one day explain to them what these years were about. I’d like to have some friends around me to help me out.

I don’t buy into Michelle Obama mantra of when they go low we go high, that phrase still plays at poking the other side in the eye. I believe in calling a spade a spade, and the leader of the current administration has told us many times who he is, some people need to start believing him.

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