Word of the day obedient


What is the best way to tackle this, pun intended. Being willfully obedient is best, because it is a mutually beneficial agreement and the responsibility is on the person needing the obedience of the other. A certain honorable trust must be established because enforced obedience only stalls the inevitable breaking away. I’m learning as a father that shouting gets attention quicker, but soon loses its impact and my throat gets sore. When using a Taoist approach and helping my children to see obedience is in their best interest or even better when they don’t realize they are being led and manipulated towards more acceptable behavior.

We give obedience to other things in life like in traffic, we may push the speed limit or do California rolling stops, but overall we accept our enforced obedience.

If we see the benefits, it is easier to accept authority over us, when we see tyranny we rebel against it. This is nothing new, when those ee allow to lead us want to influence behavior it’s much easier to ensure compliance when a common enemy is projected on our “bad” behavior.

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