Word of the day knowledge


Yesterday I was trying to impart knowledge on someone who has given up, blames me for their lack of motivation. They were not ready to receive it, I am not at fault for their choice. I will sleep without a care as they must forge their path.

Today I was sitting in my car driving home with my stepson. I have had this car for 7 years, he has driven it for less than 6 months. He was playing a video through my car speakers. He taught me how to play my podcasts through the speakers. I’m supposed to be the techie guy. I was open to learn as I usually am open to learn.

When dealing with this person I am not open to holding their hand and doing their work for them, although I’m being instructed to do it by those who armchair quarterback my job. There are some things I refuse to learn, feeding entitlement is one thing I wont do, but im willing to try other things to help. So I guess I have my blinders like everyone else.

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