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Talking about a painting would be too easy, or a place to go see paintings and commune with others who share your interest. I often find these places isolating because few people talk while there, or if they do it is in hushed tones. Reverence for the mystical. No we will not be that easy today. I prefer to go for something different.

So growing up we had a Polaroid instant camera. That was how we marked occasions in our lives. Rarely did we have professional portraits and many years we didn’t buy school photos because we didn’t have the money. I never got senior pictures and my face was never in the yearbook because I always called in sick in picture day. Well I was told to call in sick.

I remember saving my money and buying a cheap camera that required film that had to be dropped off and processed. I was a weird kid and took pictures of my dick. When I saved money to get the pictures developed the guy at the counter said it would take 3 days. I asked about the process and he told me that people look at the pictures to ensure quality prints and that they would open them up in front of you to ensure everything was good. Naturally I panicked and he saw the fear in my eyes. He told me that I may want to rethink getting my pictures developed and I dropped the unexposed film in the trash.

We had multiple photo albums at home with all the Polaroid pictures we took. After my mother passed and my father remarried, those pictures were packed away never to be seen again. I had pleaded with him to allow me to scan the., but he refused telling me he had combined them with others and it would be too much work to pull them out.

From the moment I left home I had been photographing times in my life and especially since my children were born I snap thousands of pictures and videos. We sit and look through them. One day I’ll have them in whatever media is available and give them each a copy. I want my children to see their childhood. I get angry at myself for not taking enough pictures some days. We must live life at some point and stop recording.

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