Word of the day Zest


As a kid, we used bar soap. When it was a good week it was zest, when my folks fought it was some generic scentless brand. My mom claimed allergies to scents when she thought that my dad was cheating, which was often. We all shared the same soap and when I hit puberty hair grew, and since I was the youngest there was always hair on the soap.

I went military and was introduced to dial soap. To this day I can smell it a mike away and flash to those days. They remind me of warmth and security and I’ve never bought zest soap again. In fact I haven’t bought bar soap until recently as my daughters take liquid soap and dump it down the sink. The bar soap we bought, dial.

When I bathe the girls I use my body wash and they love smelling like papa. Don’t use zest around me, I haven’t seen it in stores and I’m sure I blocked it out until now.

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