Word of the day insurmountable


On 1 jan 2009 I was vomiting in a toilet trying to empty my stomach of all the pills I swallowed. I was homeless and thought this was all life had to offer.

July 1991 I escaped my dungeon and joined the military. Stuck in Texas and learning what it was to be a man, I learned how to push through.

28 December 2002, learning of my mother’s death, I began truly despising father. Nov 2018 i finally cut off all communication and excised that demon from my life.

June 2014 I became a father, twins, threatening god with physical harm if he tried to take my only joy away.

June 1976 my innocence was removed from me. It was the 2nd time, I was born in 72.

1984 I confronted one of my abusers and was forced to forgive him. 2010 I confronted the other and was told I was delusional.

I shouldn’t be alive, I should have been jailed. I looked for love and found pain. I thought that I’d never feel whole.

Today’s word is transitory, when the world threw the impossible I stood tall, went forward and looked back years later. One day I wont look over my shoulder and will only look forward. That is what seems insurmountable.

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